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The Resources for Investigating Fractions, Decimals, and Percents CD-ROM is a start-anywhere, follow-your-own-interests, menu-driven professional resource. This CD-ROM can help you organize your math workshop and launch the series. Or, throughout the year, it can be used to refine your practice and guide your instruction.


Introduction to Contexts for Learning Mathematics
Through a narrated slide show, Catherine introduces you to the underlying philosophy and sensibility that guided the development of the Contexts for Learning Mathematics series. In this introduction Catherine discusses the ideals that shaped the series and the research and educators who have influenced her thinking.

Topics include:

Component Overview
Contexts for Learning Mathematics has the tools you need to engage all of your students in the study of mathematics. This narrated overview organizes and describes the rich array of tools in each package, including the content-rich unit books, the carefully crafted contexts, the yearlong resource guides, and the built-in professional support.

Investigation Walkthrough
An animated walkthrough of an investigation will help you make the most of Contexts for Learning Mathematics' instructional design. In addition to highlighting how the series develops big ideas, strategies, and models, the walkthrough will familiarize you with the consistent five-step session structure and key instructional features.

Investigation in Action
Live-from-the-classroom video clips let you eavesdrop on math worshops in action and watch as master teachers introduce the context for learning, support an investigation, and facilitate a math congress. The investigation concludes with a teacher interview where Cathy and the teacher discuss her teaching moves and language and best practices in mathematical education.

In this investigation, students work in pairs to determine if the distribution of submarine sandwiches on a field trip was fair and to figure out what portion of a sandwich each person received.

Printable Resources
The appendixes at the end of each unit are also provided in an electronic format that is easy to search, review, and print. The printable resources provide the context-setting posters in a reproducible format, as well as all the teaching tools, including game materials, student recording, sheets, and templates.

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